Will Insurance Reform Hurt Medicare Beneficiaries

Over the last few weeks there have been many “Town Hall” meetings to discuss insurance reform here in the USA.  Insurance reform, medicare helpSadly, at many of these meetings violence has been demonstrated, death threats have been made, and statements eluding Medicare benefits will change.

No Discrimination

Since 1998 we have been waiting for the day insurance reform would take place.  Those of you who have been denied insurance benefits because of a pre-existing condition know just how difficult it is to get insurance.  You also know how devastating it can be if you need any medical treatment and you do not have insurance.   We do.  My husband had emergency heart surgery and was uninsured!  The one thing about Medicare is you get great health insurance and there is no discrimination based on your health status or any pre-existing condition(s).

If you haven’t been following the insurance reform closely and only are getting bits and pieces, here’s what AARP has stated and my close following of the debates, press releases and statements all indicate the same.  From AARP:

Myth: Healthcare reform will hurt Medicare.

Fact: None of the healthcare reform proposals being considered by Congress would cut Medicare benefits or increase your out-of-pocket costs for Medicare services.

Fact: Healthcare reform will lower prescription drug costs for people in the Medicare Part D coverage gap or "doughnut hole" so they can get better afford the drugs they need.

Fact: Healthcare reform will protect seniors' access to their doctors and reduce the cost of preventive services so patients stay healthier.

Fact: Healthcare reform will reduce costly, preventable hospital readmissions, saving patients and Medicare money.

Fact: Rather than weaken Medicare, healthcare reform will strengthen the financial status of the Medicare program.

Bottom Line: For people in Medicare, healthcare reform is about lowering prescription drug costs for people in the "doughnut hole", keeping the doctor of your choice, improving the quality of care, and eliminating billions in waste that is causing poor care and medical errors.”

I’m sure most of us can agree that Part D is the “BEST” of  NOTHING.  It’s the only prescription drug plan available.

We can agree that Medicare offers options for healthcare, whether you want the Original and a Medigap plan or an Advantage plan.  You have choices.

Insurance reform is needed.  What are you hearing about insurance reform and how it will hurt Medicare?  Let me know so you can get an honest and unbiased answer.  If it looks like it will hurt anyone enrolled in Medicare, I’ll be the first one on the phone to my Senator and Congressman and anyone else I can think of.

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