Why not be great?

By Joy Loverde

What are you waiting for?  Are you waiting for housing prices to rise? Are you waiting for your children to grow up and flee the nest? Are you waiting for a raise or a better job? Are you waiting to be inspired? Are you waiting for a miracle relationship?

In the last decade, people have built successful multi-zillion dollar companies, started major movements through social media, written best sellers, launched smart products, found better jobs, had babies, went back to school and learned new skills, ended harmful relationships and fell in love.

It’s 2012 and sooner than you think it will be 2013. What have you been doing these past ten years? You and I are never ever going to get the past ten years back. When we look at the next ten years, what will we have to say for ourselves?

Yesterday, I got yet another phone call that a dear friend died. These calls are coming in faster and faster. Death is the wakeup call.

Let’s all stop thinking that we have all the time in the world.  And let’s all stop thinking these are crazy times. What are you passionate about? What is life demanding of you?


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