When To Consider Elderly Care For Aging Parents Who Live Alone?


Elders need care and love. They need someone to check on them, children to stay over, or go for outings. There can be times when the aged parent is staying alone and requires urgent assistance. If family members are unable to come in quickly, calling up centers for elderly care is handy.

One need not suffer the guilt that they were unable to be there and could not even arrange for an alternate solution. Some common reasons why these centers are opted for taking care of the elder are:

• Sudden loss of weight due to illness or depression which will require lot of time of the care-taker for the process of diagnosis and rectification.

• If the elder suffers from memory loss, it might be risky to leave such elders alone even for a while. One can then escape from the embarrassment of having to advertise for missing parents.

• The elder might be in a condition when they find it difficult reach up to the toilet on their own and end up soiling their clothes. They would need assistance from the family member who might be working or might not be able to be by their side constantly.

• If repair works or alterations in the house of the parent indicate lack of judgment, and such expenses recur, one should see this as an indication of weakening of their mental ability to think of cost effective and affordable solutions.

• Frequent occurrence of small accidents is an indicator of their failing reflexes or mental agility during driving. They might be unable to fend for themselves.

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