What Joy Loverde Wants You to Know About Going Back to School


If you live and work near Denver and Boulder, Colorado you are one of the lucky ones. Have you heard about Active Minds™?

Since 2002, a few educators began reading poetry in a church basement; soon after their agenda included educational courses focusing on contemporary global issues, historical themes, music appreciation, great decisions and foreign policy issues, and other matters of importance.

At first, the audience was primarily retired older adults; over time Active Minds has grown to serve adults of all ages through programming at book stores, libraries, and corporations.  Today Active Minds provides programming to more than 200 organizations and has over 30 highly qualified instructors on staff.

Employee relationships deepen and the company culture is strengthened with programs that enrich people’s lives. Tell your employer about the Active Minds Corporate Programs. One-hour classes offer an instructor providing an overview and in-depth analysis of an important topic. Click here for a list of topics.

Give my friend, Zane Robertson a call or email, and tell him Joy Loverde sent you…
Telephone: 303-320-7652
E-mail: Zane@ActiveMindsForLife.com
Website: www.ActiveMindsForLife.com


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