Want to Know More About Elder Services?

Do you want to know more about elder services for your elderly parents or family member? One of the first questions I had when I suddenly elderlyservicesbecame Mom's caregiver after an emergency surgery was what elder services were available for her and where could I find them?

The Internet

The Internet lets our fingers do the walking as we type, click our mouse and explore the many elder services that are listed, but how and where do we start?   One awesome resource that I continue to use again and again is the Family Caregiver Alliance.   Their Family Care Navigator: State-by-State Help for Family Caregivers is a wonderful online tool that helps you to search for elder services state by state.  This is helpful for finding elder services in your home state, or for those loved ones who might be out of state. Once you visit there, I guarantee you will be amazed by the wealth of elder services they have recorded there.

Family Physician or Healthcare Provider

Perhaps you are looking for specific healthcare elder services for your loved one.  When Dad was short of breath, his doctor called a medical equipment elder services company and they dropped a simple machine by the house that tested his oxygen supply over night.  These type of elder services make our lives all the easier.  From this time on I made sure to ask if the elder service we needed made house calls.


Caregiver Support Groups

Another excellent source for finding elder services is via your local or online caregiver support group.  There is nothing like a reliable reference to help you choose elder services.   The elder services business in growing here in my state, so whenever I need a particular elder service, I appreciate being able to ask someone in my group if they have had any experience with the provider.


Senior Publications

Another source for finding good elder services can be senior publications. Does your community have a senior center newsletter that might offer listing for elder services?  AARP and other senior publications often list a variety of elder services.

Friends and Family

Don't forget to ask your friends and family for their favorite elder services. When you do, it might inspire them to offer a lending hand, a meal or some other type of their own personal elder services.



Finally, I'd like to add a word of caution.  Always be sure to ask for reliable resources, check with the Better Business Bureau or even have a background check done on any elder services you might be hiring to ensure that your precious loved ones are safe and well cared for.

How have you found good quality elder services for your loved one?  Please share you your tips in the comment area below.

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--Mary Nix

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