Using a Lift Chair to Age Gracefully


As our body ages, it is often common for some things to become more difficult. This can be simply caused by the way our body ages, but it is often complicated by disorders, such as arthritis, which can make bending the knees and other joints more painful. Commonly the task of standing is what becomes most difficult. Since not being able to stand without assistance can reduce independence, finding a way to allow a senior to stand on their own is very important.

When you consider all areas of your home, it is very likely that the living room is where you do most of your standing or sitting. It is also not uncommon to sit for a very extended period of time in the living room, sometimes for many hours. This is compared to, for example, your kitchen chair, where you probably only sit for a few minutes at a time. Since the living room is often the most common place for you to stand or sit, it is not surprising that there are a number of devices available to help make this task easier. One of the most common lifting aids for use in the living room is the lift recliner.

Lift chairs have been used for over twenty years by seniors and others who have trouble standing. They look like a recliner, but where a recliner only provides a comfortable place to sit, lift recliners also provide a means of making standing easier. This is because within the lift chair is a strong lift system, which actually raises the chair and its user. This allows the senior or other individual who is using the chair to exit on their feet and without the help of others.

While the lift recliner is the most common and easiest lifting aid to use, it is not the only type of lifting aid available for the living room. A seat lift offers similar functionality to that of a lift chair, but is not a complete chair. Instead, a seat lift is only a lift system, which is placed in the seat of a chair. They can be used with most types of chairs, from recliners to regular kitchen chairs. When activated, the seat lift raises to provide a little extra boost for the seated individual. Even though seat lifts do not provide as full of a lifting system as a lift recliner and are not as comfortable, they are portable. This can make a seat lift a good secondary lifting system, to take with you on vacation.

Making standing easier is not only something that increases safety, but it also helps ensure a senior can remain independent. This is often very important and can help reduce caretaker costs.

Samuel knows just how serious having limited mobility can be. For many, lift chairs offer the best and easiest means of increasing safety in the living room, although there are also a number of other devices available. For many, buying on-line is the best bet, but ensure that you first consult a quality lift chair resource.

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