Top Ten 2009 EldercareABC Posts by Mary Jane Stern

By Mary Jane Stern

  1. Now Legal To Buy Canada Prescription Drugs Cautiously
    Wow great new from the US Senate.  They passed a bill making it legal to purchase prescription drugs from Medicare assistance, Medicare Open Enrollment Canada over the Internet here in the USA.

  2. Extra Eldercare Help for Prescription Drugs
    The Medicare Prescription Drug program gives you a choice of different plans with different coverage and cost.  Medicare estimates that the extra help can be worth up to $3,900 per year.
  3. Medicare Requirements for Providers and Online Enrollment
    The great part about today’s technology is you can enroll in different Medicare plans over the Internet.  This is a Medicare tool offered by most major providers for Part C and Part D plans.

  4. Can $4 Generic Drugs be Harmful or Cost Effective
    Being involved with Medicare Part D leads me to question whether the generic drugs we purchase for $4 have the same efficacy as brand name drugs.  Let me explain why I question this.

  5. Do You Know The Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?
    Do you know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?  A lot of people get the two programs mixed up and there is a difference.  If you are on Medicare you may also be eligible for Medicaid.

  6. Do You Know About Medigap?
    Have you reached age 65?  Finally my husband reached the age that he could purchase a Medigap plan.  Our fingers became uncrossed as we had no major events, only a few minor ones.  We signed up for the Medigap Plan F.  So what’s a Medigap plan?

  7. Medicare D My Experience with Humana Medicare
    Before joining Medicare D, I had to sit down and make a list of all of my husband’s prescriptions.  I can tell you at that time, he was on 10 or maybe 11 different drugs.

  8. 50% Discount for the Part D Donut Hole
    Sometime over the weekend of June 18th a proposal was presented to our Senators regarding Medicare Part D and the donut hole by PhRMA, the brand-name drug manufacturers’ lobbyist.

    What they are proposing is to offer a discount to Medicare Part D participants when they reach the donut hole.  The discount is up to 50% off the retail price for the cost of the prescription, but the full amount will be applied to your total out-of-pocket costs until you reach the $4,350 (for 2009) you have to spend before you reach catastrophic coverage and then only pay 5% of the drug cost.

  9. Too Many Lies about Healthcare Reform and Medicare
    Have you been watching all of the statements being made about the changes in Medicare if healthcare reform is passed? Do you believe them?
  10. What Caregivers Should Know About Medicare and Alzheimer’s
    When my husband and I were living in New England we met a wonderful couple, Morley and Ruthie. At that time, Morley was 94 and Ruthie was 78, a second marriage for both. Morley was a dedicated husband and took wonderful care of Ruthie who had Alzheimer’s disease.

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