Top Ten 2009 EldercareABC Posts by Christy Cuellar-Wentz

By Christy Cuellar-Wentz

  1. Handling Unexpected Life Stories in Eldercare
    “Hurry up girls, the cops are coming!”  My grandfather’s startling words rang through the house.  I came happynewyearrunning, and discovered him vividly reliving an incident involving illegal activities that occurred many years before I was born.
  2. Mobility Joggers for Outdoor Senior Living
    My grandfather loved the outdoors, and missed his excursions when he moved into an assisted living facility.  Although he was initially satisfied with his choice to be there, he eventually became unhappy.  The staff was caring and attentive, and helped him with short outings whenever possible, but couldn’t take him out into the beautiful, wild areas for extended outings.
  3. Eldercare Treasure: Rich Life Stories
    I've heard certain stories a thousand times (literally!) while being a caregiver for my aging family members.  These are the stories that come easily, often involving youthful escapades.
  4. Healing Touch Essential Component of Eldercare
    Touch is a vital part of my life, and I believe it is a vital component of eldercare.  I began studying the effects of touch before the birth of my first child, discovering that infants will fail to thrive, even when all other needs are met, unless they are regularly held.
  5. CNAs Angels of Assisted Living Facilities
    I didn’t see them at first, not really.  I was too wrapped up in my own grief, trying to come to terms with the fact that my grandmother, matriarch of our family, was at the end of her life.
  6. When Parent Care is Emotionally Impossible
    “I can’t do it, Christy, I just can’t!”  My friend Yvonne called me recently after a raw conversation with her husband.  Her mother is rapidly caregiving, eldercare, self-helpapproaching the point in which she will need help managing basic daily activities.
  7. Healing Power of Music in Eldercare
    Who knew music could be so good for us?!  I’m watching a fascinating documentary, The Music Instinct: Science and Song, and am amazed by the powerful ways in which music can transform our lives.
  8. Essential Self Care for Caregivers
    As a caregiver I have a strong tendency to put the needs of other people above my own. I became acutely aware of this problem while caring for my toddler, 5 year old and 90 year old grandfather (with dementia) in my home.
  9. Comforting Sensory-Stimulation: Compassionate Eldercare Solutions
    I had it all wrong when I ran around locking things up to keep them out of my grandfather’s reach.
  10. Perfect Balance Elusive Goal in Eldercare
    I used to berate myself for failing to achieve a “perfectly balanced” daily rhythm while caregiving.

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