Top Ten 2009 EldercareABC Posts by Carrie Hill , PhD

By Carrrie Hill, PhD

  1. Receiving a Dignified Diagnosis in Geriatric Care
    If you are caring for parents and you are concerned about the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease, seeking

    Geriatric Care Manager, carrie Hill, PhD

    geriatric care that results in an accurate diagnosis is paramount.

  2. Smart Homes Could Revolutionize Eldercare
    I  just read an intriguing article about “Smart Homes,” a new idea in eldercare created by British researchers.
  3. Choosing Nursing Home Care Asking the Right Questions
    Once you’ve chosen to seek nursing home care for your parent, you may feel baffled about how to proceed.

  4. A Parent with Alzheimer’s Disease 15 Tips to Reduce Wandering
    Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia requires many skills, including keeping your parent safe.
  5. The Basics of Respite Care
    Caregivers who use respite care often tell me that although caregiving is one of the most rewarding jobs they’ve ever had, they couldn’t do it without a break now and then.
  6. Staying Physically Active Could Buffer Effects of Caregiving
    A recent study by Boston University researchers provided a clue to how caregivers might be able to counteract the toll that eldercare takes on Stay Healthy While Caring for Parents
  7. Eldercare Tips for Disaster Preparedness
    Whether your parent is still in an independent living situation or another senior living setting, part of your eldercare responsibilities include being prepared in case of a disaster such as fire, hurricane, flood, or other event.
  8. Alzheimer’s Disease: Coping With Caregiver Stress and Burnout
    If you’re a caregiver for your parent with Alzheimer’s and you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, consider these tips for coping with caregiver stress and burnout.
  9. Caring for Parents & ‘Driving Miss Daisy’
    If you are caring for parents, are you worried about whether it’s safe for them to continue driving? This eldercare issue is a tough one because we need to balance safety with our parent’s desire for independent living
  10. What Is a Geriatric Care Manager?
    While working for the Alzheimer’s Association, I received a lot of phone calls concerning geriatric care for aging parents.

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  2. Ron
    Smart Homes are a great idea. I like the sensors idea. Also, there are so many gadgets out there to make turning on and off electrical items much easier. Many companies offer touch-screen remotes to offer convenience for people using their electrical devices.