Top Five Dog Breeds For Senior Citizens


Dogs are natural companions for seniors. Dogs are good company. They can help seniors feel secure by keeping the house under watch. They also have the added bonus of giving seniors a reason to be more active. But when considering a dog for a senior, there should be several things taken into consideration in order to find the best match.

First, the dog should be suited to living in an apartment or small space. They should be able to get most of their exercise indoors and grooming should not be too demanding, since most seniors are on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay for such services. I tried to stick with breeds that are relatively easy to train and don't need a strong pack leader.

Taking all those things into consideration, I've devised a short list of the Top Five Dog Breeds that would work best for Seniors.

The first on the list is my favorite breed; the Chihuahua. This breed is perfect for seniors because they are easy to keep and maintain and their exercise level will easily adapt to that of their household. They do need to be socialized thoroughly so that they do not become fearful or too yippy. They are a loving dog, but they need rules and boundaries, just like any other.

The second dog is the Chinese Crested. This may seem like an unusual choice, but they are very loving dogs and get along well with other pets. They are a true companion dog. As with the Chihuahua, the Chinese Crested needs to be socialized properly to prevent timidness and they do need to be protected from the sun and cold weather.

The third dog is the Pug. They are very happy and playful dogs and they get along well with other pets and people. They do need to be protected from the heat, as they tend to overheat quickly, but they do benefit from short walks. The fourth dog is the Lucas Terrier. This cute little terrier is sweet and easy to train. They are a very friendly terrier. They do require a weekly brushing, but they have a low doggie odor and shed very little.

Another one of my favorite breeds is the sweet little English Toy Spaniel (King Charles Spaniel), which ends the list at number five. This is a breed that LOVES to be around people. They get along great with children and are friendly with other dogs. They are happy and playful; a real treat to be around.

There is no reason why a senior cannot enjoy the companionship of a canine, but they need to be sure to choose a dog that will be happy in the environment and lifestyle that they live. Make sure the dog is easy to keep and maintain and both the dog and the senior will be happy for many years.

Written by Jennifer Andrade from A Dog for Life, LLC , which is dedicated to helping you choose and find the best dog for your family. My website features many other resources that can help you have a more positive and closer relationship with your canine companion.

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