Think Outside the Lines

When roller blades came into the scene decades ago, I was in heaven. I grew up on roller skates. Today, roller blading on the Chicago lake front is a dream come true.

Same thing is happening again, only this time it’s the adult coloring book and adult sticker book craze.

Several weeks ago, I bought Mom a sticker book that featured women’s fashions from the 1950’s. She spends hours Joy's Mom and sticker bookmoving the stickers from here to there. The sticker book also serves as a catalyst for engaging her in reminiscing about the good old’ days.

There’s no doubt about it, adults across the globe are also going crazy over coloring. Publishers are reporting record sales of these kinds of activity books.  Check out Amazon’s bestsellers list and you’ll find that several of the top slots are filled by adult coloring books.

Social media has helped fuel the trend. It has also spawned all sorts of in-person gatherings — coloring clubs, meet-ups, even coloring parties at bars.

People claim to feel inspired, meditative, unplugged, creative, and less stressed when they engage in these activities. Some say have not picked up a crayon in many years, and that instantly makes them feel happy. And it’s something that multi-generations can do together.

The American Lung Association recommends 52 stress reducers, and coloring is one of them. Imagine that -- coloring for health benefits and socializing with others while you color. Good stuff.

So next time you’re wondering what to get the person who has everything and needs nothing – these activity books could be the answer. And get one for yourself.

Pass the crayons!


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