Staying Happy When You’re Homebound

Being homebound is a challenge that many of the elderly face. The loss of mobility, independence, and social activity often leads to feelings of loneliness and boredom, which can give way to depression. Don’t let the world slip away from your bedridden or homebound friend. By coupling age-old activities with new technology-based innovations, the homebound can enjoy a stimulating and vibrant life.

What’s out the Window?

For the bedridden, finding joy in life can be quite a challenge. A few small projects can make all of the difference and they all have to do with the view.

Your bedridden friend should be in a room with a window. Orient the bed so that your friend can see out of it clearly. Take a moment to check out the view, and then ask the following questions:

  • Can people be seen walking by?
  • Are there trees, shrubs, or flowers within view?
  • Has the landscaping been planned to attract wildlife?

Whether the window faces the front or the back, the activities of people passing by, playing, or working are wonderfully important to a person who can no longer move about freely.

Window boxes, planters, and fast-growing vines all add natural richness to the view, with the added attraction of being a simple, quick, and affordable way to beautify the it.

Squirrels, chipmunks, and birds keep all of us entertained, but the bedridden or homebound find their antics especially enjoyable.  A bird feeder hanging from an eave or pole will attract many visitors and cheer up your friend or loved one.

Community Helpers

Most communities offer a host of services to aid those who find themselves unable to leave home. Libraries deliver books and offer reading services. Meals on Wheels has delivered meals and companionship for years. Many neighborhoods have a circulating set of volunteers that visit homebound neighbors.

Check out programs offered by the local parks and recreation department and also the city and county in which your loved one resides.

Old Meets New

A laptop opens the world to a shut in. Many social websites allow seniors feeling isolated to chat with friends or those who share similar interests.

Video game platforms allow them to have a lot of fun playing a wide range of games. Many senior centers have found these gaming systems become fast favorites.

An old favorite, the jigsaw puzzle, often becomes difficult when vision and arthritic fingers combine to make manipulating tiny pieces impossible. Many elderly jigsaw puzzle fans re-discover the joys of puzzle assembly by purchasing 50 to 100 piece puzzles usually sold to young children.

Coloring is fun for seniors stuck in bed. There are many detailed coloring books that range in subject matter from great art to marine mammals, making them perfect for adults. Large size crayons are easy to hold.

Your loved one need not feel cut off from the world. By adopting a few of these tips, caregivers can brighten up the world for those they love.

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  2. Great tips. And many of these can also apply to those caring for the elderly parents who are often primarily homebound as well during times of illness. I love sharing holiday party blog sites at SandwichINK for just that reason - it's a chance for seniors and/or caregivers to enjoy seasonal fun even if they can't get out themselves, and maybe even can't do much decorating because of a difficult season of life. This year I've been extra busy caring for several family members going through difficult health issues. I've had fun making craft projects with my grandkids but I only have a couple of my favorite autumn decorations up. However, I've so enjoyed visiting various fun and harvest party sites and enjoying their fall Halloween decor. It always helps put a smile on my face, a bounce in my step, and an extra bit of tenderness in my caregiving. :)
  3. Its great when seniors can stay at home and not have to rely on nursing homes but for some, the best choice is to live in nyc nursing homes for a healthier lifestyle.