Senior Care Options: Costs, Choices and Quality Standards

by Julie Northcutt

Senior caregiving needs often sneak up on families. Many age-related illnesses may progress slowly and the suddenly prevent a senior from maintaining their daily lifestyle.  Senior care professionals call this maintaining “Activities of Daily Living” or ADL’s.

Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease progress at different speeds for each person. A hip replacement or stroke may also happen suddenly and then require physical rehabilitation and caregiving services.

Senior care industry professionals provide the answers to costs and how to understand quality standards for home care and nursing homes on

The only resource with the daily cost of nursing homes nationwide, along with an explanation of Medicare health inspection ratings and quality standards for senior home care agencies, guides you down the right roads for senior care.  Find out “by-state” senior care services and Medicare and Medicaid benefits for long-term care.

View the costs of nursing homes and find quality senior home care agencies near you to assist in planning your care ahead of time, just in case a health emergency demands an immediate need for senior care.

For example, a private room in a 5-Star nursing home in Arizona costs $350 and in Texas you can find one for $169.  Many other factors, beyond cost, are involved in choosing the right nursing home for rehabilitation. Caregiverlist also provides checklists that explain the quality standards you should look for when choosing a senior home care agency. Financial fraud is the #1 form of senior abuse and having the necessary professional care management and insurance protections are imperative when choosing the advantage of one-on-one care by a professional caregiver in the home.

Find costs and ratings for nursing homes nationwide:

Find costs and services of quality senior home care agencies:

Julie Northcutt,
President, Caregiverlist, Inc.

As an entrepreneur in the senior care industry, Julie Northcutt launched in 2008, to deliver the efficiencies of digital technology to senior care companies, senior caregivers and families. uses new technology to deliver objective and comprehensive information that helps families select the right senior care. Caregiverlist’s Career Center provides information on certification and training credentials required by all 50 states to assist caregivers to apply for jobs in their area and to assist senior care companies to hire more effectively. Seniors and caregivers can access senior service information "by state" and view Caregiverlist’s nursing home star ratings and proprietary directory of nursing home daily rates.

Ms. Northcutt developed the concept for while owning a senior home care agency, Chicagoland Caregivers, and brings her experience and knowledge of senior care issues to

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  1. well,and insurance protections are imperative when choosing the advantage of one-on-one care by a professional caregiver in the home.
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