Senior Care for Aging Parents

by: Mark Etinger

As our parents get older, many of us will be faced with a difficult dilemma: How do I take care of my elderly parents? Will I be able to take them in or do they need senior care? There are a lot options and many factors that need to be considered. Some elderly people are stable enough to live on their own but just need help from time to time, while others need constant care. Although your parents may not want to divulge all the details of their life, take notice of both their home and their health. There are many clues that can lead you to the right choice.

For aging parents that want to keep their independence, there are independent living communities. This type of living situation is only recommended for healthy seniors. They will have their own housing, but with the security and comfort of living with other seniors. If you notice that your parents aren't involved in any activities or maybe just seem a bit depressed, this can be a wonderful alternative. They won't feel like they're being shipped off to the "old folks home" because they can keep their privacy. Being in a community will keep them social and happy.

Assisted living and home health aides are a common choice for those who need some help. If you visit your parents and notice that the house is unkempt, new groceries haven't been purchased, or they are having trouble with other simple daily tasks, it's time to consider help. Your two options are to move them into an assisted living home where they can get help grooming, bathing, and making meal preparations or you can choose to have someone come to their house and perform these same tasks. A lot of seniors still want to feel that they have some independence, so home health care aides might be a good solution. There are also personal care aides who perform similar tasks but also provide companionship, as well as helping with all daily activities.

Lastly, there are nursing homes or facilities for seniors who need 24-hour care. This is often the choice for those with sever disabilities or medical ailments. They will receive daily attention from nurses who will also help with activities such as grooming and bathing. Although this can be an expensive choice, sometimes it is the only choice for aging parents. No child likes the idea of "shipping" their parents off to a nursing home, but you have to remember it is in their best interest. Choose this option if you feel it is not safe for your parents to live alone due to constant forgetfulness, frailty, or a chronic medical condition. It is best to talk with doctors, social workers, and those who work in geriatrics to determine if this is the best solution.

Always talk to your parents first before you start exploring home health aide agencies or nursing homes. Sometimes you will have to take matters into your hands, but don't leave your aging parents in the dark. Consult with professionals and discuss your options with other family members. There is always the option of moving them in with you, but only do so if you feel it's in their best interest. Your parents took care of you and now it's your turn to help them. is a home healthcare agency providing home health aides and companions to patients in the Tri State area. If you're looking for the best home health care NY has to offer, look no further than!

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