My Medicare.Gov – A Great Online Service



As an Original Medicare beneficiary you can sign up for a free and secure online service called My  This service allows you to access your Medicare information and you have access about all of your benefits and services.

First you need to register to have access.  It's easy to register and fill out the on-line form.


When filling out the online form, it is important that you enter your Medicare number exactly as it appears on your Medicare Health Insurance Card.  It is the red, white and blue card, but DO NOT USE ANY DASHES when filling out the online form.

It's also important to make sure you have typed your Last Name exactly as it appears on your Card.  If your name on your card contains a suffix (such as JR or III), please make sure to only include a space between your Last Name and suffix.

For example, if your name appears on your card as "JOHN SMITH JR", please enter "SMITH JR" in the Last Name field. DO NOT USE a comma or a period.

To get started you will need to turn off your pop-up blocker and provide the following:

  • Medicare Number (000000000A)
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Zip Code
  • Secret Question / Secret Answer (make sure you write this down someplace and save it because you might need it to verify who you are should you ever have to talk to Medicare about your account.)
  • Email Address (optional)
  • Relationship to Beneficiary (so you can actually fill this out for someone else with the proper relationship.)
  • Agreement to the Terms and Conditions

Then just select continue and you will be registered.

If you supplied an email address so you will receive a confirmation email back regarding your registration and supplied with a password, that you can change after you log in.

Unfortunately, if you did not supply an email address you will receive a letter with a randomly generated password in about 10-14 days.  The letter will be sent to you with the mailing address that is on file with the Social Security Administration (SSA).  Once you receive this information you can access your account and change the password.

What makes this a great tool is that you can see all your medical claims and if there have been any denial of services you can take immediate action and start the appeal process.  It's not necessary to wait for your quarterly statement.