Meet the Baby Gloomers

by Mary Beth Sammons

These days, it seems like we need our own midlife boomers, caregivers, baby gloomers

First, we were dubbed “Baby Boomers.” Then, came “The Sandwich Generation,” a term for those of us poised in between our aging parents and our own children. Many of us reinvented that term to be more explicit: “The Panini Generation,” meaning we are not just poised there, but smashed in between those two obligatory worlds like a hot slice of salami and Muenster cheese.

But, now, here’s the latest. It seems the Brits have invented a new term. It’s “Baby Gloomers.”

Here’s what others are saying about “baby gloomers."

Baby Gloomers” in the UK

"A recent study by the Aviva Company in the UK says that over 60% of the population over 50 is worried about having enough pension and savings to get them through retirement.    Thus the newly coined term ‘baby gloomers’."

Even the prudent feel pain

Today, he looks back on his old certainties with sad bewilderment. Harry and Pamela, both in their late fifties, belong to the Baby Boomer generation that is now riddled with anxiety. Until the recent financial cataclysm, these disbelieving victims of the recession – the new "Baby Gloomers", as identified by this newspaper – had it made

SPACE - Interview with Paul Hodgson

I was thinking the other day about the label that is used to describe post war babies (baby boomers) and that babies born now should be called baby-gloomers because things are not good out there, are they? I have a copyright pending on ...

Smart Economy: How will baby boomers handle the recession? Zoomers ...

It will be interesting to see how the baby boomer generation, like me will handle the current recession / depression. We've lived most our lives without any terrible hardships, unlike many of our parents' generation, who endured through ...

Have you heard an unusual name that caregivers or baby boomers have been given?  We'd love to hear your comments below.

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  1. While the current financial situation is nothing to laugh at...anything that lets boomer not take themselves so seriously may be a good thing. The term Baby Gloomers just makes me chuckle a bit. (Full disclosure, I'm a late boomer born in 1957.) Now more than ever the lessons of our parents come into play, hard work, thrift and flexibility. Thanks Mom and Dad.