Medical Alert Systems Reviewed

For seniors and those with certain disabilities, remaining independent is more important than most of us understand. Many seniors wish to remain in their homes despite risks, such as falls or other emergencies. In order to feel safe and put caregivers and family members at ease, many seniors and people with disabilities opt to install a medical alert system, also called a personal emergency response systems (PERS). While the technology has been around for decades, more and more options have entered the market. The team at researched nearly 70 systems and was able to find the best in the industry. Here are the results.

How Did They Make Their Decisions?

After over 100 hours of speaking with professionals and senior care experts, the team learned a lot about the varying features medical alert systems have to offer. The group started with 69 different systems, all of which connected to independent central monitoring centers via cellular signals. The focus was strictly on the "press a button, get help" premise and how well the original intent of the systems is performed.

The website did make sure their candidates had certain things in common. Firstly, they only featured systems that do not require a full home security system. These are often unnecessary for certain consumers, although most home security companies do offer PERS as an add-on. Additionally, the team made sure that all brands they included had a high level of service and simplicity. The ordering and installation process must be easy to understand as well as personalized.

The Best Medical Alert System of 2016 - Bay Alarm Medical

The testers were impressed by Bay Alarm Medical not just for its efficacy and price, but more so for the so-called human element. The employees at the company appeared sincere and helpful, even phoning when the battery on the unit was drained. The website has professional demonstration videos that were informative yet engaging.

The system is easy to install; you simply flip up the antennae and turn the unit on. The box isn't that attractive but the red "help" button is definitely effective. However, there are both necklace and watch-style pendants. The sporty designs are a step-up from traditional PERS necklaces that may be clunky or obvious to on-lookers. The reviewers did note that the cellular system is on ATT networks meaning a subscription is a must.

Up - Acadian On Call

There were several other PERS that the assessed. The Acadian On Call operates its own call centers, and are certified by a panel of responder training experts. The units are easy to use and install. There are plenty of different options and add-ones in order to customize their PERS for each individual and their needs.

To view additional recommended medical alert systems and tips, check out their full research.

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