July 1st Eldercareabc Carnival


Welcome to the July 1, 2009 edition of the

EldercareABC Blog Carnival

Ron King presents Crisis in Caregiving: Can Seniors Go On Living at Home? posted at Blog Long Term Care - Long Term Care for Elders, saying, "A recent study funded by the Connecticut State Legislature found that community-based services such as home care were inadequate to meet the needs of the state"

EldercareABC Blog CarnivalRon King presents Medication Management Service on Internet posted at Blog Long Term Care - Long Term Care for Elders, saying, "The NexDose"

EldercareABC Blog CarnivalAll things about caregiving

ESN presents 11 Anti-Stress Techniques You Can Use Right Now posted at Massage Therapy Schools.

Kaye Swain presents Now You Can Have a Cell Phone Your Aging Parents Will Use posted at SandwichINK.com, saying, "It took me four years to talk my mom into getting a cell phone . Since I am in and out a lot, I wanted her to have one for emergencies. It wasn't until we discovered the Jitterbug that she was finally won over and now we both love it!"

Eldercare and connecting caregivers

Edie Dykeman presents Overcoming Loneliness posted at Elder Care Cafe, saying, "Helping older adults overcome feelings of loneliness can help them once again feel connected to the world around them."

EldercareABC Blog CarnivalSteve presents Community Eldercare posted at Caring for the Elderly.

Steve presents Elder Care Agencies posted at Caring for the Elderly.

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