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I love Pinterest especially because I love pictures. That’s how I learn. That’s how I think. That’s how I get inspired and motivated. That’s how I communicate.

Pinterest is also easy. What I mean by that is a picture is worth a thousand words. If I see something I like on Pinterest, I dig deeper. If a photo on Pinterest doesn’t grab me, I move on in a matter of seconds. There are so many, many choices.

If you like Pinterest, too, I hope that you will take a moment to visit my Pinterest page – – and of course I would be honored if you follow my boards. I am always adding new boards and ideas.

Here’s what you’ll find when you visit me on Pinterest:

  • Gifts for Aging Parents (what to get for people who have everything and need nothing)
  • Joy Loverde Bookshelf (what’s on my nightstand)
  • Bonnie Blackburn Photographer (Bonnie puts subjects at ease and the photos are incredible)
  • Your Aging Parents (tips, tips and more great tips on eldercare and family caregiving)
  • Unattached and Aging in America (a must visit if you are flying solo in the aging process)
  • Successful Aging (aging proactively is the only way to go)
  • LGBT Aging (insights and tips for my LGBT friends and family)
  • Aging with Dignity (going grey and making wise choices)
  • Dealing with Difficult Parents (need I say more?)
  • Grandparents (passing the baton one grandchild at a time)
  • Aging and Technology (living comfortably in cyberspace)
  • Dementia Friendly (creating a kind and accessible world)
  • Joy’s DIY Projects (creativity as a way to relax and let off steam)
  • Easy to Make (projects that turn out for the better)
  • Don’t Move. Improve. (making the most of where we live)
  • For Sale (beautiful things and furnishings for sale)
  • Food & Family Tuscan Style (Italian lifestyle is a journey unto it’s own)
  • Website I Love (chair side fun and inspiration)
  • I Love Chicken Wire (imaginative projects with a twist)
  • Doors (elegant exists and entrances)
  • I Love Burlap (who knew burlap could be so fun)
  • Clothes Redo (one little thing leads to another)
  • Happy Halloween (fun things to do on my all-time favorite holiday)

Come visit and have fun!

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