Joy Loverde’s 2014 Year in Review

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Below is a compilation of posts Joy Loverde's 2014 year in rview from the  EldercareABCBlog:

Joy Loverde’s Pinterest; A World of PossibilitiesAre you looking for a gift for your aging parents for the holidays? Visit Joy’s Pinterest board
to explore some of Joy’s great suggestions.

Once you’re done exploring that board, take a look at all the other wonderful boards Joy has compiled.

Joy Loverde’s Caregiver Tip of the Moment: Refuse to be anyone’s “middleman”
Joy offers great tips on how to avoid ending up the middle man and the cost you may be paying
if you are doing so.

Aunt BMoving A Reluctant Parent – 17
Joy has been sharing the story of her Aunt Bernice since October 2010. In this edition, she shares the importance of face to face meetings with your family older family member and not relying on phone calls alone.

You can read all the updates for Moving a Reluctant parent in 2014 below:

Moving a Reluctant Parent – Part 16

Moving a Reluctant Parent – Part 15

Moving a Reluctant Parent – Part 14

Look Ma No Hands
Have you talked to your parents about driving? Or more precisely when they might consider handing in their keys? Joy offers some great insight in this post from September 2014.

Going Shopping? Joy Loverde advises you to demand respect
Learn more about how to get the respect you deserve when shopping and one company who is working to help that happen.
Mom Always Liked You Best – Part One and Part Two
In Part One of this series Joy looks at how one sibling often gets singled out as “the caregiver” and in Part Two some wise tips for anyone in that situation from her Complete Eldercare Planner.
Joy Loverde Suggests Conducting a Family Meeting
In this post Joy shares the importance of a family meeting and provides tips on who should be there, what to do to prepare and how to work to make it a productive time.
Joy Loverde Vacation Suggestion: Trip of a Lifetime
This is a lovely blog post about the trip Joy, Carol their mother, Alba, took to Alba’s home town of Lucca, Italy (Tuscany) to visit her cousins. Joy Loverde, Carol Loverde, and their mother, Alba in Lucca, ItalyWhat a lovely insight into Joy’s family.

Ladies, Janes has Your Back
Lovely post from Joy about Sharon Linder and her dignified patient gowns for women. 2% of profits from every Jane sold funds mammograms for underserved women.

Hope Springs Institute: A Place you Deserve to Visit
In this post Joy shares her experiences at Hope Springs Institute
in Peebles, OH 45660. She says this is not a retreat, but HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Are you teaching your parents to be helpless?
Joy shares the importance of balancing your parents’ needs with what you think needs to be done for them. Sometimes less is more.

Of course I talk to myself. Who else can I trust
Joy discusses the importance of trusting your gut and yourself!

Joy Loverde’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution
Joy wrote about one of her 2014 resolutions which was, “To Love Thy Enemy”.
It is hard to imagine Joy having any enemies at all, but we are sure she met that resolution head on.

Thank you Joy for sharing with everyone here on throughout the year. May 2015 be a wonderful year for you, your family and all those you help.

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