Joy Loverde wants you to know about Dakim Brain Fitness

by Joy Loverde

Dakim. Just hearing that funny-sounding word makes me happy. Why? Because of the world of good their brain-fitness product is doing to help my Mom age successfully. Every day, she sits at her computer for 20 minutes or so, exercising her brain with the Dakim Brain Fitness program I installed on her laptop.

The wonderful people who created Dakim brain fitness programs have taught me a lot about brain fitness over the years. One important lesson has to do with teaching me the difference between brain fitness games and brain fitness exercises. Who knew?

Mind games like Bananagrams and Kanoodle zone in on a single cognitive function much like doing a series of push-ups in order to strengthen upper arms – repeating the same activity over and over again works the same muscle. Brain fitness exercises, on the other hand offer a structured system of brain work outs that are specifically designed to affect a wide range of cognitive areas.

Here’s where we come to the fork in the road when it comes to a commitment to long-term brain health.

Casual brain-gaming requires little effort. Pick up a crossword puzzle and work the words. Brain games are cheap, quick and easy. Play on impulse and game over. And, since individual brain games tend to be limited in scope, the amusement of it all may be short-lived. This is what professionals in the field refer to as “brain teasers.”

A daily commitment to brain health and related brain-health exercises offers greater rewards than playing mind games (same holds true regarding a commitment to a daily physical-fitness routine). Improvements in memory and protection against the effects of age-related cognitive decline is what it’s all about, and structured brain fitness programs such as Dakim are available for anyone who is serious about maintaining his or her brain health.

Until now, I never really gave much consideration to brain games vs. brain exercise. I thought they were pretty much the same. And now I know that’s not the case at all.

Get serious about protecting your brain health and the brain health of an elderly loved one and invest in a proven brain fitness exercise program that works. I highly recommend Dakim as a comprehensive clinically tested brain fitness exercise program. It’s great fun, too.

To find out more about Dakim, visit the Joy Loverde’s website “Recommended Resources” page, and click on the Dakim logo…

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