January 13th, 2010 EldercareABC Blog Carnival

Welcome to the January 13th, 2010 EldercareABC Blog Carnival

This week's carnival takes  a look at caregiving, tips, tricks from a variety of posts seen and heard this week on the Internet.

Snow Plows and A Snow Shovel For This Baby Boomer | SandwichINK.com

Snow plow safety tips for driving in snow during a winter storm, along with snow shovel exercise and fun for all of us in the baby boomer generation.

Elder Friendly Guide to Walking Shoes

The design for walking shoes is generally the same for men and women, with comfort, durability and stability being the keys. Lightweight It's no secret that extra weight can have an impact on us. That impact can be fatigue or feelings ...

Seniors, The Elderly, and Technology: Improving lives every day ...

Used in tandem with caregiving, technology enables individuals to maintain as independent a lifestyle as possible, while providing family caregivers peace-of-mind that they can take breaks from the stress and responsibility of ...

Mindful Eating - Jan 15,2010

When you're in a caregiving role, you may find yourself eating for two—-you and your stress. Anna Stookey, psychotherapist in Beverly Hills specializing in health and wellness issues, will help us move from emotional eating to mindful ...

Coping With Caregiving

My husband is dying of cancer. I feel anger in my heart toward him due to constantly caring for him and lack of rest. I listen intently to your meditations and find solace. I have much guilt when I feel this way! ...

Making the Most of End-of-Life

Daniel Maison, Vice President for Medical Services and Chief Medical Officer at Treasure Coast Hospice, Stuart, Fla., joined us for a discussion about end-of-life decisions on Your Caregiving Journey. (Dr. Maison is also Physician ...

Get Goals - Jan 08,2010

Ellen Rogin, our wealthness experts, tells how to set and meet goals. goals | abundance | caregiving | family caregiver | eldercare.

Bizarre or Just Heartbreaking?

Denise asked us recently to share our most bizarre care giving experiences. I don't know if it is bizarre or just heartbreaking, but I helped my husband for the first time today with his bath. We were running late for an appointment, ...That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of EldercareABC Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

The Secret to Artful Caregiving

Caregiving turned out to be the uber topic this year at our annual Venus gathering. Ironically, two of our very own Menopause Goddesses were unable to make the meeting at the last minute due to caretaking emergencies. ...

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of EldercareABC Carnival using our carnival submission form.

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  1. I am normally not the political type, but this Health Care Reform issue has really inspired me to at least launch my perspective into the blogisphere. I cannot believe how many people actually believe that by offering a "Public Option" we will somehow be offering FREE health care coverage.