Importance Of Wound Care In First Aiding The Elderly

by: Irdayante Kadir

The elderly body is really hard to take care; elders are fragile and prone to simple accidents that may lead to bruises and wounds. Often times it is frustrating to take care of an aged member of the family as there's always lack of response in terms of their health. No matter how you try to turn the situation around and make them healthy, there will always be setbacks win the form of new health problem in other part of their body, that's how fragile they can be. If they get themselves into minor house accidents like bumping and acquiring bruises and wounds, it would be very wise if you know some wound care techniques and apply first aid on them.

Most aged individuals, due to their physical and/or mental condition. Those with mental health condition are usually more prone to physical injury as they are harder the handle. Thus, it is very important for caregivers for know at least the basics of first aide treatments like wound care and the likes to deal with such situations and prevent it from worsening.

Minor cuts and scrapes usually occur in minor accidents, like accidents inside the house. These cuts and bruises may don't look harmful most of the time, elderly individuals may not realize they have them on their body. The problem with this simple health condition is that, for the elderly they may develop into more serious problem in the future if not treated right away. If left unattended for a longer time, these simple wounds may acquire infection faster because of their physical condition and this may easily cause serious problems. Cuts and d bruises should be properly cleaned, disinfect and dressed the moment it occurs.

Trained caregivers actually attend first-aide courses and initial stages. Community colleges have these trainings that cover relevant topics for taking care of the elderly, especially wound care. Most of the content of first aide is actually common sense, but some specifics may be highly sensitive and delicate, thus it should be well taught to be remembered.

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  6. Taking care of wounds is extremely important when it comes to the elderly. Their bodies just don't heal like they did when they were younger. What seems like an insignificant wound can turn very serious if not taken proper care of.