Helping a Senior Citizen


Senior citizens are precious possessions of our society and with their experience they can do wonders. They do not always want someone to assist them while they walk or talk to them all day, nor do they want someone to help them climb stairs or take them to dinner parties. To make these senior citizens happy one needs to be a little bit patient and hear them out. In expressing their grief and sorrow they can be a bit puzzling sometimes. Since one can only sympathize with them they do not often feel like expressing their thoughts and feelings. Giving them this opportunity of self expression is a great task indeed and blogs for senior citizens are major innovations in this field.

Senior citizens can post their contributions by blogging, which is read by people all over. This encourages them and he or she can express their feelings with renewed interest. Helping senior citizens also means involving them in daily activities so they do not feel left out or lonely. For example you can teach them about the recent technological innovations like history of laptop computers and origin of digital camera and its uses. They will feel interested and may even want to use them. You can also make senior citizens aware of the need for computers and how viruses render the software useless.

Another interesting thing that senior people can be taught is the use of conference calls. Mobile phones help senior citizens to stay in touch with their friends and family members who live far away. While some senior citizens may speak against the use of mobile phones, you can teach them the value of these gadgets so that they become interested in using cell phones. They can also be taught about using webcams and the way to turn their computers into fax machines.

They can be inspired to undertake tours to major travel destinations around the world. Since finance becomes a matter of great concern to senior citizens, they can be given some solutions to check their expenses and plan a budget. Online money making can be a rewarding experience for them. Ailments such as heart attacks, pulmonary diseases, snoring at night and allergy symptoms are common in most senior citizens. Some remedies for these chronic ailments can show them a new way of living. The best way to help them is not to make them think of their age with despair, but to make them feel proud of their hard earned experience. offers a great networking opportunity for senior Indian citizens to create senior Indian groups which enable them to share their knowledge and experience.

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