Giving Grandparents a Happy and Perfect Time

By Nadine Torres

How many of us have been raised by grandfather or grandmother? Most of the times when mom and dad separate or got divorced the ones who look out for children are the grandparents. This is very common scenario in any parts of the globe. Another usual case is having grandparents who spoil grandchildren with all their wants - whether new toys, chocolates or new dress. These are actually reasons why we need to give back the love our grandparents have been giving us. When we are already settled with our life, having a successful work or business then it is time to share the blessings and great time to our dearest grandparents. Here are some examples on how you could give your grandparents happy and perfect time:

1. Give them cruise trip - since they are already old then they deserve some pampering in life. If they haven't been in a cruise ship then you should give them the opportunity to experience this kind of luxury. You can either go with them or you could give your grandfather and grandmother some time to enjoy their company. For sure they will be more thankful to have you as their grandchild. Let them experience the comfort and joy of traveling in this cruise ship where best foods, services and overall experience are being offered.

2. Why not let them stay in a beach house or house in a province - living in the city could be dangerous for the health of your grandparents so if they are willing why not ask them to live in one of your beach houses or house in the province? They will enjoy more the fresh air and the simplicity of life there. They will be far away from the smokes of various cars in the metro, from all the pollution and noises in the street. Living near the beach could be more peaceful for them and they will be able to have better sleep at night.

3. Say your appreciation once in a while - sometimes, grandchildren tend to be shy in expressing their gratitude or appreciation for their grandparents however what you don't know is that more than all the material gifts that you could give them a simple "thank you" and "I love you" are the ones they appreciate more. Of course, it is touching to hear for grandparents to hear their grandchild whom they cared for so much, whom they raised all his life until he can stand up in his two feet, the words thank you and I love you. As a grandchild, do not be shy or hesitant to express how you feel. Life is too short and it would be great if your loved ones know how thankful you are to have them in your life.

Grandparents are like second parents to most kids so we shall give them respect, love and if possible some gifts that they can use to have comfortable and happier life. We shall always remember that they became our guide when we were little so now that we are grown up, let us be their guide while they are aging.

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