Fun Activities For Senior Citizens

by: Khalid BH Monsore

As we get older, we have a tendency to become sedentary. We watch TV or read rather than socialize. Remaining active is in an important aspect of staying healthy and alert in old age. Participating in hobbies and activities that involve interaction with others provide many health benefits, such as prevention or reducing heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and in some cases arthritis. Strength and endurance can be maintained throughout the life with increased brain activity and exercise. Mental stimulation and physical exercise can delay or prevent many types of diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer's.

For many senior citizens, gardening can provide exercise and stimulation. Caring for plants and flowers, babying new blooms, and coddling seedlings provide a great opportunity for seniors o stay active enjoy the outdoors. For other senior citizens, learning to paint, or play an instrument is preferable. A mix of activities will help keep you interested in life and the world around you.

Joining groups that have planned activities can provide you with the opportunity to meet new people and socialize. For example, garden clubs teach their members about different types of plants and shrubs and how to make them flourish. They encourage conversation and the exchange of ideas between members. Learning new things, participating in activities and maintaining social contact with others can help keep our brains active and alert during old age.

Learning to play an instrument is another good way to boost brain health. If you prefer to sing, there are many choirs specifically for senior citizens. In either case, these are activities that promote interaction with others. They are not strenuous, but require energy and interest. Many of the adverse affects normally associated with old age can be reduced, or in some cases, dissipate when stimulation of this type is experienced on a consistent basis. Exercise is important in all stages of life. It can help prevent or reduce the onset of osteoporosis in the elderly.

Exercising and staying active can help keep the mind sharp, increase muscle tone and improve the overall health of senior citizens. Games that encourage concentration and focus help keep the brain stimulated. Chess and a variety of puzzles that include traditional picture puzzles, as well as those that feature words and numbers, are all popular options for those in old age. There are many other groups and activities to choose from and all have some kind of health benefits. Finding hobbies and participating in social gatherings add enjoyment and stimulation to a senior citizen's daily life.

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