Father’s Day: A Gift of Heartfelt Thoughts

Joy & Dad 10-25-05 Blog by Joy Loverde

Call me a daddy’s girl. My father died over fifteen years ago and I still grieve his loss. He was a “character” and someone you never forgot once you met him. He had many friends and they tell me they miss him every bit as much as I do.

With Father’s Day upon us, think of this day as a time to remember heartfelt moments. Better yet, put your thoughts in writing.

You’re never too old to craft a message on a home-made card or letter. Remember glitter glue and XXXs and OOOs? He’ll love it. Here are some ideas for you to get started:

  1. Flip through a photo album or scrap book to help generate memories.
  2. Recall a favorite story or a time when he gave you something that you cherish today.
  3. Thank Dad for a skill he taught you that you use every day
  4. Remind Dad of his simple acts of kindness (like cheering from the sidelines at your sporting events)
  5. Are you a chip off the old block? Tell Dad about the ways you two are alike.
  6. What do you love most about Dad? Let him know.

Writing a letter or making a card is not limited to Dads who are still alive. You can do the same for fathers who have since died. Reminiscence can be a very healing process.


I hope you enjoy this process. You will not regret making the extra effort this Father’s Day.

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