Elderly Home Care Decisions


by: Greg Newell

If your inclination is to start looking for "nursing homes" in your area, perhaps you're one of the many who haven't considered the options. Most seniors just need a little help. They made that house a home and they want to stay in it.

As your loved ones age, they eventually reach a point where they are no longer capable of caring for themselves. When it becomes apparent that your aging parents need assistance, it is time to make decisions about their future.

A very common option is nursing home care. Nursing homes represent places where the elderly go to die! Let's face it. Yes, they get around the clock coverage but most seniors know this is the last place they will ever live. Many seniors are disheartened with the idea of leaving their home and can become very depressed, which can further worsen their health condition.

When making such decisions, it is important to realize that not all elderly people need to go to a nursing home. Nursing homes are great options for elderly people with severe dementia who might harm themselves if left unattended. However, a large portion of the aging population doesn't need such extreme measures. Many elderly people just need some extra help with the tasks they can no longer do and someone to check up on them and make sure they are alright.

Home care is a terrific option for aging loved ones who do not need 24-hour care and monitoring. Possibly they are recovering from an operation or illness and just need somebody to help with medication, light nursing and even some light physical or mental therapy or other personal care. With senior care, Mom and Dad get to stay in familiar surroundings. Nurses and other professionals visit their house for a certain number of hours per day or week depending on how much care they need, but they still have the freedom and independence that comes with staying in their home.

Being able to remain at home is a great source of self-esteem for elderly people who may otherwise start to become depressed as they realize they can't do everything they used to do. Home health care is the best option for the well-being of elderly people. Nursing homes should only be used as a last resort, and even then, beginning with home health care can help ease the traumatic transition into full-time residential care.

Your decisions might be financial as well as practical. Nursing homes aren't cheap! It is encumbant upon seniors and their children to protect their finances well before this decision is imminent. Many seniors own their house which of course becomes a source of income. However, in the present real estate market, the value of the home has diminished substantially. This is why is keeping the elderly at home versus going to an independent living facilitise and nursing homes. On the plus side...seniors are happier in their homes.

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