Elderly Care at Night

If you are worried about your elderly loved ones at night, you no longer need to fear for their safety. The following is a list of products that will keep your loved ones safe and out of harms way during the night.

Disposable Bed Sensor

Many seniors get disoriented during the night time hours, and some will get out of bed and wander the house. This puts them at an increased risk for walking into furniture, falling down stairs, and seriously injuring themselves. A great product to help them stay safe is the disposable bed sensor. This pad goes across the mattress, when your loved one tries to get up, a sensor will send an alarm. This alarm will either wake them up, or it can alert you if you are sleeping in the next room.


Many seniors like to sit up and read in their bed in the late night hours or early morning. When you are trying to push yourself up to sitting, you can easily lose your balance and fall right out of bed. The BedCaddie is a great tool to help seniors sit up in bed and is designed to look like a ladder, and you simply grab the tiers on it until you have pulled yourself up to sitting. It's a simple way to make your bed time reading and activities more enjoyable.

Adjustable Bed Rail

If you are concerned about you or your loved one falling out of the bed during the night, a bed rail is the best way to keep safe in bed. These adjustable bed rails not only work for keeping you in bed at night, you can also use them to help support yourself as you climb in and out of bed. Since we are often groggy in the morning, it helps to have a support bar close by as you try to regain your balance.

Slipper Socks

Many seniors are susceptible to falls on slippery surfaces during the day, and when they need to start getting up in the night to use the restroom, it can be quite dangerous. The slippery bathroom floor and dim lights during the night can cause seniors to fall and bump their head or break a bone. Prevent slips during the night by wearing slipper socks to bed which have slip resistant tread on the bottom, giving you a little extra grip on slippery surfaces.

Incontinence Pads

As the body ages, many of the organs are unable to maintain their strength and they start to lose their ability to function properly. Seniors often struggle with their bladder as it no longer has strong walls that hold in the urine. This causes incontinence problems, which can be a real issue during the night since it takes you longer to pull yourself out of the bed and make your way to bathroom. If you have trouble with incontinence during the night, you need to purchase some incontinence pads so you can rest well knowing you won't be wetting the bed or trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

AbleRise Bed Assist

Another great product to help you get in and out of bed is the AbleRise Bed Assist has a support bar that you can use to pull yourself in and out of bed and it also includes a pocket where you can hold your book, television remote control, and even your telephone.

Personal Alarm

If you do fall out of bed, you need help to pull yourself back up, or you will need emergency care if you have broken bones or cut open your head. The Posey Personal alarm is a great way to help you stay safe during the night time hours. It has a magnetic pull cord that will sound when tugged and it will emit a loud alarm to alert your loved ones in the next room.

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