Elder Care Stress and Solutions


Because of improvements in Health Care people are living longer. In the years that I've been in practice it is very common to see active caregivers, elderly help, senior assistance, senior helppatients in their seventies and eighties and even nineties. As the number of baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1960) that reach maturity grows, the senior ranks will swell even larger.

Although seniors are living better today, there are still problems. Many of these problems can cause elder care stress. Many of the problems involve senior living independence. How well can a senior take care of themselves? How much help do they need? What constraints do their new health concerns pose?

This elder care stress is not only for the senior, but for the children that may be assisting them as well. Many times, the children of aging parents feel stressed and sandwiched between the needs of their parents and the needs of their spouse or kids. Between working, taking care of a spouse, children, and their elderly parent it can be a difficult balancing act. Consequently, elder care stress can be a problem for seniors and their children.

Fortunately, there is help. Elder Care Solutions can be as numerous and as varied as the families that employ them. The first place to start is to knowing the playing field. Think of this as knowing what to expect. Once you know what to expect you can use solutions to solve any problems.

As far as seniors are concerned, there are two main issues to consider. The first issue is their mental or psychological status. From a mental or psychological standpoint how prepared is the senior to live independently. Elder care stress is greatest when the senior is not confident about their ability for independent living. The elder care solution involves discussing realistic plans and options.

The main question to be answered is: will the senior live independently, move in with children, or live independently with assistance.

Other elder care solutions for senior concerns include the following:
Money issues like wills, power of Atty., Bank accounts, and paying bills
Medicare &Health Insurance plans
Long-term care and nursing home decisions
Doctor's appointments
Any necessary medical or health related equipment

There are many elder Care Solutions books and websites which are very helpful. The government's Medicare site has a great deal of useful information as well. However, most of these solutions are not user friendly and cannot provide the assistance the senior or their family may need.

Most seniors are new to this experience. Also, the children of seniors that may be assisting them are using new to this expresses well. The best resource that I can recommend is the use of the health concierge. A health concierge or health virtual assistant concierge as they're known on the Internet are knowledgeable professionals that can assist families with all their senior health questions and needs.

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