Elder Care Options for Families


By Jonathan Wickham

As parents age and their children create their own families, taking care of an elderly person can become difficult. Additionally, most elderly do not wish to rely on the services of their children and family members. Most would like to remain independent, but at some point they start needing the help of others. Families can discuss the different services available in order to best choose as assisting level right for their loved one.

Most want to keep their independence somewhat, which is where elder care in Portland or another city comes in. At-home care services allow elderly people to live in the comfort of their own home, while also having the assistance of a trained professional whenever needed. From a very basic standpoint, these at-home services can come in only once a week to assist with yard keep-up, house cleaning, and other basic necessities that the elderly person can no longer do. More extensive help is also available for those elderly people who need daily assistance with bathing, cooking, and shopping.

Some elderly people who have lost their significant other choose to move to an assisted living complex. These apartment-like complexes offer a social atmosphere and assisting needs that cater to the individual. Like at-home care, assisted living centers have a wide variety of care levels depending on how independent the elderly person would like to be. Assisted living centers are smart choices for those elderly people who suffer from serious aging diseases such as Alzheimer's because 24-hour care is typically available in case of an emergency.

Sinai Family Home Services provide in-home elder care in Portland to help you or your loved one remain in their own home and maintain independence. We offer various levels of homecare ranging from homemaker services to personal care. ( http://www.sinaifamily.org/ )

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