Communicating With Aging Loved Ones and Keeping in Touch


Keeping in touch with friends and loved ones makes life so much sweeter. As our  friends and family members age, it often becomes difficult for them to stay in touch. It may no longer be possible to hop in the car and meet friends for lunch or fly long distances to visit children or grandchildren. Even making phone calls becomes difficult.

When communicating with those they care about becomes difficult, our elderly friends and relatives need our help. Technology comes to the rescue once again as we seek to ensure quality of life for the aging.

A Computer - An Aging Loved One’s Best Friend

If you think computers are just for the young, it’s time to reconsider. A laptop can be a boon to the elderly. Computers bring the world, and you and your family, right into an elderly person’s home.

Social networking sites allow the aging to enjoy old friendships and make new ones. Special interest groups allow those who are advanced in years to chat with others who share similar interests.

Most laptops come equipped with a camera and microphone, allowing grandmas and grandpas to videoconference with their loved ones. Homebound friends can arrange to video conference, making it possible to hold book clubs, movie critiques, or a virtual get- together.

Microphones and cameras embedded in the computer also make it possible to send video messages to friends and family. Personal and family histories can also be recorded digitally on a computer, which is also a great way to keep your aging loved one’s remembered and thinking.  Not to mention, what a wonderful treasure you’ll have when they’re finished.

A Phone is Not Just a Phone Anymore

The elderly might resist the switch to a smart phone, but once they see all it can do, they quickly embrace its wonders. Smart phones have many features that help the elderly overcome the challenges of arthritic fingers or failing hearing. Large screens, virtual keyboards, voice dialing, and a host of other innovations make placing a phone call easy.

Smart phones also allow users to enjoy easy access to news, social networks, and emails. And don’t forget texting. Texting is a great way to chat, send pictures, or just say hi.

Writing Letters in the New Millennium

Many of the elderly remember writing letters; we call it snail mail today. Many still find it pleasant to take pen to paper and write to a friend. If shaking hands or aching joints make it difficult to write a letter (or use a computer keyboard) help has arrived. Voice to text software enables users to bypass the keyboard and use their voice to interact with the computer.

Don’t allow failing health or being homebound to rob loved ones and friends from frequent communication with those they care about. Technological advancements unimagined when the elderly where young, can bring the world and those they hold dear close.