How to Choose Assisted Living and Personal Care Communities

By David Gardner

sunriverWhen advanced age robs a person of their ability to adequately care for themselves, family may be forced to consider a retirement community or assisted living facility. While the decision is not an easy one and can be hard to accept, it assures them that their loved one will receive the care they need while still being able to retain a semi-independent lifestyle.
Types of Communities
Assisted living and personal care communities are designed to accommodate different levels of care. Individuals may choose to move into a senior community while they are still able to care for themselves. This gives them an opportunity to enjoy spending time with their peers in a variety of ways.
Assisted living facilities offer residents the chance to receive medical assistance if and when they need it. These facilities provide a sense of community in which residents can interact with other individuals their own age who have the same interests.
Personal care centers provide complete care to those residents who can no longer care for themselves. Palliative care is also provided for individuals who are in the end stages of a terminal illness. The staff in these facilities can offer constant care that may prove to be too much for family members to bear.
Services Offered
Many facilities have exercise areas designed to accommodate all levels of mobility. Gyms, saunas, whirlpools and swimming pools are provided for the use of the residents who are encouraged to exercise by their physicians. There are also areas large enough to allow for group activities such as board games and bingo.
For residents who are capable of joining in, some facilities put together tours to local casinos or concerts. They can also enjoy a day of shopping or sightseeing, dependent on what type of activities the group decides on.
Payment Resources and Options
Assisted living costs are normally not covered by Medicare. Instead, the cost is paid for by Supplemental income. Many states also offer State subsidized programs under Medicaid to help people with the costs of assisted living.
At the St George Senior Center, the professional staff can offer sound advice on the various types of services they your loved one might need.. They make it possible for family members to make an informed choice about what options are available to them when it comes to the future of their loved ones.
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