Chair Exercises for Seniors

by: Kum Martin

As one ages, the metabolic rate of the body decreases. So, to keep muscles and joints working, one must follow certain routine exercise schedule. These exercises need not be very difficult involving whole lot of strength and energy. Simple exercises such as hands and leg movement carried out while sitting in chair could be quite beneficial. Exercising keeps senior people agile and refreshed. Many age-related disorders and diseases can be even alleviated by doing simple chair exercises. It is also beneficial for those who are not able to keep a balance while walking or standing.

Some of the simple chair exercises for seniors are briefly described below:

Technique A - Sit straight and position yourself at the edge of a chair. Now, place the feet flat on the ground. Ensure not to lean or support the back. While keeping the heels tightly attached to the ground bend the toes towards the ground. Now, do the reverse and move the toes in an upward direction. This technique can be repeated at least 8 to 10 times.

Technique B - Place yourself comfortably in the chair but do not lean backwards. Lift up your both legs from the ground as far as possible. Once you start getting a locking feeling in the knees, stop at that time. Slowly place the legs back to the ground position. Repeat this technique six to eight times.

Technique C - Those having arthritis might suffer from loose gripping of hands. For these people, hand exercise is a must to improve the condition. While sitting in the chair, try to close and open the hands several times. While opening the hands, spread the fingers far apart as you can till you experience a stretching sensation. When closing the hands, make a firm fist. After doing this exercise you need to relax the hands by gently shaking them.

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3 Responses

  1. Chair exercises are excellent options for seniors with mobility issues and many senior housing communities and senior centers have regular classes. Anyone can participate and can tailor their level of activity to their own ability. I encourage all seniors to attend - it's good for the body and the mind as its usually a very social time. Kevin
  2. Yes, the social aspect looks very conducive to movements. Great to see this happen!
  3. Bravo for sharing the need for elders to get moving on a regular basis. One comment... it is always recommended that chair exercises be practiced in an armless chair. Avoids full range of motion without risks of elbow, forearm, wrist and hand bumps.