Cashing in: You and Your Aging Parents

By Joy Loverde

cashing inI recently had the most enjoyable eldercare experience regarding the issue of money and wanted to share it with you.

Several weeks ago, my Mom handed me a small plastic bag, and inside the bag were five gold rings. She explained that these rings once belonged to her deceased husband, and she had no use for them. She suggested I take the rings to a jeweler to see if they would be interested in buying the gold.

So off I went in search of a “gold buyer.” To begin the process, I decided to visit a local high-end jewelry shop. A while back I had noticed a sign in the shop window that read, “We buy gold.” I handed Mom’s merchandize to the jeweler who then took a close and careful look at each of the rings. After a few moments she informed me that two of the rings were not gold at all. The other three, however, had value. She offered me $189 for the rings right then and there. Wow! My Mom had that much money sitting in a drawer. I decided not to take the jeweler up on her offer. It was important to me to do more homework on the process as well as consider additional offers. I thanked her for her time and walked out the door.

I began a search on the Internet for additional local gold buyers. There were plenty of resources for this sort of transaction. But of all I discovered in my research, no one compared to the thoroughness of Cook County Buyers, owned by Mike Jacobson. His website includes a video – that alone raised my comfort level since I have never sold gold before. View: I made an appointment to meet Mike at his office.

In the meantime, I began to wonder how much money I had sitting in drawers and forgotten jewelry boxes. So I dug into my jewelry inventory and decided to have Mike look at my items as well as my Mom’s.

Meeting Mike in person was a treat. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and honest, and taught me many interesting tidbits regarding gold and diamonds. He also demonstrated the process of testing for real gold. It turns out that some of what I brought to sell was not gold at all. Oh well. When I left his office I had a pocketful of cash – some for Mom and some for me. And the prices he quoted were almost double what the original jeweler had offered.

So here’s an idea for you to consider if you’re looking to increase cash-on-hand. If you and/or your parents are interested in selling gold, diamonds, and silver in exchange for cash, Mike is the guy. Not only that, he also pays a $25 referral fee for each new customer.

Here’s Mikes contact information:

Mike Jacobson

Cook County Buyers

Cell: 773-490-9828

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