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Is a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) Right For Me?

By Shelley Webb Having worked in the health care industry for almost 30 years, I can tell you that there is a definite hierarchy in the way that medical titles are perceived within the health care community.  For instance, RNs are perceived better than LPNs (or LVNs); 4 year RN grads are perceived better than 2 year…
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Home Care Services – The Future of Healthcare Services

by Sian P Wilson The care of all patients, especially the elderly who are often suffering from unremitting illnesses require constant treatment and unalleviated supervision which places increasing pressures on public and private health systems. According to recent research conducted the by the University of Rovira i Virgilli, in Spain, older people now account for…
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Assisted Living in the Comfort of Home

By Martha Paulson When families feel that caring for a loved one has become overwhelming, when families feel that Mom or Dad can no longer manage daily activities on their own, families make the choice of placement in an assisted living facility for their loved one. Many children feel that this is their only option…
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Selecting a Father's Day Gift For a Senior Dad

By Eleanor Strickland Your father is now a senior citizen, Father's Day is on the horizon and you need to find a gift for dad. These are a few suggestions: Don't give him ties, shirts, pants, robes, coats, jackets, suits, belts, hats, pajamas, slippers or shoes. Sure, his clothes may be worn and out-of-style but…
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Home Healthcare Can Help the Mentally Challenged Elderly Feel Safe in Their Own Homes

By Alice Lane Loss of mental acuity among the elderly, known as dementia, can have different symptoms and different causes. The elderly may experience difficulty in performing everyday tasks, feel disoriented and confused, suffer from recent memory loss, show poor judgment and loss of initiative, misplace things, or experience changes in mood, personality, and behavior.…
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A Sleep Apnea Mask Its Crucial Role in CPAP Therapy

By Ray Burk Platinum The most popular form of sleep apnea treatment is the use of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device and a comfortable sleep apnea mask. In fact, sleep apnea professionals state that the success of CPAP equipment therapy is contingent upon air pressures that the patient can tolerate and a comfortably…
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Care of the Elderly – Independence in the Golden Years

By Sian P Wilson Research has proven that for those individuals suffering from an illness or disability, that living in the comfort and familiar environment of their homes can contribute significantly to their physical and mental well being and rates of recovery. As modern society is progressing to an hourglass formation of population distribution, whereby…
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Understanding Fibromyalgia

By Dave Saunders The alarm goes off! You feel that bolt of dread and fear in your heart. Will you make it through the day? Will you hold on by your fingernails and ju barely make it to the end of the day? Will your cognitive problems cause you more humiliation? Will you be able…
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Driving her crazy

by Joy Loverde Bigger than the tsunami of an aging population is the issue of mobility and how all of the old people are going to get around when they can no longer drive. Here’s an email I received recently from a concerned daughter” Is there any protection of rights for a blind elderly person…
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