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Top 7 Tips For Avoiding Elder Caregiver Burnout

By Hal Robertson If you are an elder care giver, a great way to reduce stress is to simply be accepting of limitations - both your elder's and your own. Don't constantly dwell on small irritations - look at the big picture. The house is dusty and your elder is still in the same shirt…
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Tips For Taking Care of the Elderly

By Allan Wu Caring for old people may be rough. At times, these old people become very hard to understand which makes it impossible for anyone to deal with their attitude. But patience is very important. During these instances, we are needed to show respect and provide help for them. Numerous elder care arrangements have…
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When the Elderly Refuse Care

By Jo Nelson You've spent hours pouring over information regarding elder care; you've researched and developed a plan of care for your elderly loved one that should be etched in gold! You're feeling so relieved, knowing that they will now be safe at home, and a caregiver will be there with them when you can't...until…
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Aging Parents Care – 10 Ways to Deal With Siblings Who Don't Help

By Martin Sabel When the health of an elderly parent starts to decline, typically one sibling who steps in to become the primary caregiver. The demands start out small. Care is easy at first. But as care demands more time and money, stress builds and so can resentment toward non-contributing family members. Old rivalries and…
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Enter the Age of Home-Based Senior Care

By Jenny Heart In the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, more and more elderly citizens are choosing to "age in place" by hiring providers of home care. Durham NC residents have much available to them in the way of geriatric health and living services. From the run of the mill nursing facility to luxury…
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In Home Senior Care Of Elderly Relative Solves Problem For Many

By Becci Bookner Imagine the plight of the busy career person struggling for success in the business world, while trying to effectively balance the responsibility of school-age children on the one hand, and in home senior care for elderly or housebound relatives on the other. Child care has become almost a natural part of the…
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The Changing Face of Elder Care

By Michael S. Simpson There was a time when Mom became too frail to take care of herself the only option was "the old folks home". Now our choices have much improved. We have independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes. Many of these have the look, feel and amenities of…
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Adult Day Care – The Compassionate and Affordable Senior Care Solution

By Inger Rarick Most of us will have to manage the care of an aging loved one at some point in our lifetime. A loved one can need additional care because of a medical condition or complication, a decline in cognitive functioning, or increasing isolation and depression. The responsibilities and challenges can be overwhelming for…
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Geriatric Massage: Physical and Emotional Well Being for the Elderly

By Bobby Wise Geriatric massage, which utilizes the same basic techniques as traditional massage therapy, was especially designed for the elderly and their unique needs. This type of massage includes the gentle massage of soft tissues (and sometimes passive or active manipulation of the joints), proven to improve circulation and increase flexibility. Geriatric massage therapy…
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