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The Dating Game For Seniors

Is sixty the new thirty?  If you ask the "baby boomer" generation one will quickly learn the most likely answer will prove to be, "You betcha!" Times have changed and senior life these days simply is not what it use to be thirty years ago especially when it comes to dating. As time marches on, those…
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Nursing Home Residents Welcome Bird Feeders

Everyone likes to watch birds at a feeder. Who can resist the sight of a black and white chickadee extracting the kernel from a sunflower seed? Or the delicate beauty of a bright yellow goldfinch perching at the feeder? But there is one group of bird watchers who particularly enjoy watching life at the feeder.…
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Geriatric Care

Geriatric care management is such a system that assists elder adults and their relatives to deal with age-related conditions. It is also called Elder Care. There are some other care system options available in the United States for elder people including helping living, nursing home, elder day care, elder societies, and old adult home care.…
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Using a Lift Chair to Age Gracefully

As our body ages, it is often common for some things to become more difficult. This can be simply caused by the way our body ages, but it is often complicated by disorders, such as arthritis, which can make bending the knees and other joints more painful. Commonly the task of standing is what becomes…
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What Activities Should Grandma and Grandpa Do?

There may be times when we forget that just because our loved one is older, doesn't mean that they don't enjoy activities. Boredom is prevalent among the elderly, which can lead to loneliness, which then can lead to poorer health and depression. But before you rush off to sign up your parents or relatives to…
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Assisted Living Homes and State Laws

At a later stage in life seniors are unable to carry out the functions that they have taken for granted for decades. They require assistance for the completion of daily activities. Diseased, paralyzed, and elderly come under this category. Assisted living homes help in achieving basic activities of daily living. These communities have obviously fall…
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Senior Dating Tips

Only the young, are not entitled to date. Those of the "third" age are just as entitled, more so, because at that point in life, they find themselves single and alone again after divorces or through widowhood.The important thing is that both young and mature are finding that when it comes to dating, the Internet…
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Informal Family & Serial Caregiving

Informal or family caregiving for an elderly loved one when they are ill or disabled is expected in virtually all cultures of the world and is generally accepted as the "norm" in most developing countries. In the US, family continues to provide most of the care and supportive services to older family members. The family contribution to…
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Fall Prevention

Each year, one in three people over the age of sixty-five will experience a fall. This is an eye-opening statistic for many. The question is, are you doing anything to prevent falls? If not, you should. Here are four things you can do now to help reduce your chances of falling. (more…)
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