Aging – Common Ailments of the Elderly


Aging can affect many of the members of the family. As a member of the family grows old, there will be lots of changes in the physical, emotional and mental health of the aging person. Most of our family members are not able to cope up with the sudden change in the behavior of the aging person. Most aging person experience physical ailments, three of the most common ailments are listed below.

Alzheimer's disease

Is a very common disease among old people. It is often referred to as "the death of the mind before the body". Alzheimer's disease is commonly found to people aging 75 and up. People suffering from Alzheimer's disease usually suffers also from a lack of acetylcholine, which is a brain chemical used to promote brain activity. What's bad about Alzheimer's disease is that, its symptoms only occur approximately after three years prior to the initial diagnosis. Alzheimer's disease causes the person to lose his perceptions of reality until he becomes incoherent, and forgetfulness.


During the first 3 decades of the life of a person, the process of bone loss and bone formation in his body is continuous. But, by the time a person reaches 30 years old, things start to change in his body, more bone mass is lost in his body than formed. Bone mass reduction is normal, but if the situation is severe, it is then called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis does not choose what gender it affects, it affects both men and women of old age.

Some of the factors that cause osteoporosis are:

1. Lack of calcium and vitamin D

2. Little exercise

3. Low levels of testosterone hormone

4. Too much intake of alcohol

5. Taking certain drugs

6. Smoking

7. And family history


Is a case wherein a person is unable to control his very own urinary functions. Most people suffering from incontinent tend to urinate on themselves even before they get to the toilet or while they are asleep. What is sad is that, many people tend to ignore incontinence because they think that this is normal as you get older, but the truth is, not old people having incontinence is not normal.

Most of the time, it is the inability to convey the proper message of urinating. Patients may not be able to convey the proper gesture or message that they need or want to urinate except through shouting, throwing things, groaning and disrobing due to mental confusion. The patient may likely to calm down later on when he/she has finished urinating or when his wet dress has already been changed.

If you have a member of your family that are starting to display signs of physical, emotional, and mental incapacity due to aging, it would be best to bring your patient to a specialist and be diagnosed.

It is also advisable to see a licensed chiropractor in your local area to maintain proper vertebrae alignment as this was thought to be one of the reasons to stay healthy. Physical and mental exercise is also another effective method of keeping the elderly fit.

Having an elderly family member is no joke but it is also a blessing to have them in our lives that is why we have to take care of them and not neglect them. Hiring a family chiropractic St Louis take care of them is one step you can take to show them how much you love them. If you live in Chesterfield or near Chesterfield, you can hire a Chesterfield chiropractor through the internet.

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