Age of Disruption Tour: A Commercial

By Joy Loverde

Right to the Point, Joy LoverdeWhat if nearly everything we know about aging is wrong?
On his 30-city tour, Dr. Bill Thomas encourages audiences of all ages to turn the tables on “Life’s Most Dangerous Game” and approach aging with the skill and enthusiasm it requires.
I attended Dr. Thomas’ Age of Disruption event last week and found it to be entertaining, visually stimulating, and highly educational. I also walked away with new insights that immediately affected my attitude toward the aging process and the issue of ageism.
We are a society in trouble. Illusions about aging are everywhere. People self-sabotage and deceive themselves without realizing they are the worst offenders of ageism, and consequently doing themselves in without even realizing it. The myths that surround the concept of aging are subtle and taught to us early on.
To stop the insanity of ageism, I encourage you to make the effort to be in the presence of visionaries, leaders, and game-changers, like Dr. Thomas and myself.
I am spreading the word about the “Life’s Most Dangerous Game” tour featuring Dr. Bill Thomas in an effort to encourage people of all ages to come together and thrive on the wisdom of every generation. People who are attending include:

  • Community leaders, activists and members of community organizations
  • Family caregivers (spouses, adult children, parents of adults with disabilities, or other relatives)
  • Community health providers and social service or health professionals
  • Municipal and regional planners
  • State and local government officials and representativesI sincerely hope you make time for this ground-breaking event. You will walk away with many new insights that will facilitate your success as you age.

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