A Brain Fitness Program to Determine If Senior Citizens Are Safe Drivers


Are senior citizens safe drivers? A brain fitness program that is being tested may determine just that. A brain exercise program has just been determined to possibly be the next big breakthrough in automotive safety.

Research studies have shown that a brain fitness program may decrease risky driving habits and improves the response time for braking and stopping the vehicle. As the population ages, there will be more and more senior citizens driving than ever before.

It is presently known that as driver's age, especially as they move into their 70s and beyond, a number of problems with response time, planning and concentration can get in the way of safe driving. It is the goal of a brain fitness program to determine, "Are senior citizens safe drivers?"

The goal of the brain exercise program is to see if there is an increase in response time, better planning executed and more concentration by the senior drivers.

More on a brain fitness program that may determine "Are senior citizens safe drivers?"

Medications that aging individuals are prescribed are a major problem that affect their thinking (cognitive) abilities. As we age, we are more likely to take multiple medications. These multiple medications can lead to impaired driving ability in the senior citizen driver.

How does a brain fitness program improve a senior citizen driver to make them safe? Brain fitness exercises can help senior drivers avoid or delay cognitive decline and assist those aging drivers to maintain an independent life style as long as possible.

A brain fitness program that encouraged an increase response time, visual attention, memory, the ability to measure the processing of speed and the ability to react to unexpected situations was studied. Past brain fitness program research shows that not only do brain fitness exercises improve all of the above, but the studies have shown that the brain training has sustained those improved results beyond a 5 year period.

Start a brain exercise program today. There is increasing amounts of evidence that specific thinking skills that are used for driving can be trained. The results are better driving skills. It is never too late to start a brain fitness program.The benefits may have lasting results that will assure a better quality of life.

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