6 Essential Tips to Keep the Home Safe for the Elderly


by: Joseph Pressley

It is common that some individuals who reach the phase of old age still remains in their home with the company of a few family members or some may live alone. Home provided for the elderly must be safe, comfortable and must be free from any hazards. It must be a place that does not invite danger. Here are 6 essential tips that you can follow to keep the home safe for the elderly.

First of all, you must clear the path of senior citizens at home from any clutter. You must place all furniture and appliances at appropriate areas so that they will not obstruct and cause any harm. Check all the wirings and if possible avoid the use of extension wires because they can be left unattended and can be the reason for them to fall badly on the floor.

Secondly, you must make sure that you will keep the home for your elderly parent free from slips and falls. Rugs or mats must be padded with rubber matting or securely taped with double-sided adhesive. This goes the same for the rugs used in bathrooms. Aside from that, they must be able to hold on to something for support. You need to install grab bars.

Moreover, you must install proper lighting at appropriate areas so that they will be able to illuminate the way where they are going and help them see clearly what they are doing. Install night lights on places on kitchens or near the bathrooms. Make sure that switches are near the doors of every room. It is also best that you place a flashlight within reach.

The fourth thing that you have to do is to check your flight of stairs most especially when your elder parent has to go up to his or her room. One safety tip is to paint and highlight the edges with white or fluorescent color so that they will be able to see where they are walking especially during the night. The carpet for the stairs must be tightly placed or just remove it if you think it would not be safe for them.

You must not only think of the hazards inside the house but also of the possible danger that can come from the outside. Since they are already in their old age and are assumed to be physically weak, criminals or burglars will see them as an easy target. It would be best that you let them have a self-defense device so that the stun gun effects will be enough to immobilize the attacker.

Lastly, a telephone must be within reach or near the bedside so that they can just call for help anytime they need to. It will be their means to communicate with you and at the same time your chance to contact and talk to them anytime which is part of your responsibility to promote elder care.

These are the 6 essential and helpful tips that you can follow in order to keep your family members who are already considered senior citizens safe while staying at home. You must not only consider indoor hazards and keep the house in place but also take note of the danger that would come from the outside as well. If there is a need to equip them with the strongest stun gun then go for it as long as you will be assured that they are safe at all times.

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  3. A few other thoughts--keeping the outside safe from burglars who might prey on the elderly. That means having good lighting, keeping bushes trimmed so no one can hide and talking to the person about not trusting people they don't know who come to the door offering their services.