10 Hot Trends in Senior Care Services

Entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations alike are jumping on the opportunity to develop senior services and products. Over 1.4 million seniors are currently receive in-home care, and those numbers will double by 2030. This growing population is a prime target for business opportunities.

Here are our picks for the ten hottest trends that will improve the quality of life for elders and caregivers alike.

  1. For Profit Social Workers - Typically costing $80 to $100 per hour, they provide senior assistance for doctor appointments, supervise medication and research various care options for you. The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers offers referrals for senior help.
  2. Peer Care - Seniors volunteer and are matched to provide elderly assistance through a nonprofit organization. Senior care services include everything from companionship to overnight stays, housekeeping to transportation. Seniors Helping Seniors,  is one of the fastest growing services of this type.
  3. Luxury Care Products - From gold-plated canes to leather lift chairs, in-home care products are getting a makeover. Check out the line of indulgent necessities for parent care by Elderluxe .
  4. Senior Fitness Programs - the burgeoning senior population has opened new avenues for gyms and personal trainers. According to the American College of Sports Medicine's (ACSM's) worldwide fitness trend survey published in 2008, Senior Fitness ranks #6 in the top 10 trends.
  5. ElderGadgets - Finding the right gift for your aging parent can be a difficult task indeed. Well, fear gift giving no more! From infrared blood circulation food massagers to disposable hearing aids and bionic gloves, you can find a gadget sure to occupy (or befuddle) your elderly parent. http://www.activeforever.com/t-Gifts_For_Seniors_Ten_Best_Holiday_Elderly_Gift_Ideas.aspx
  6. Parent Sitters - In-home care providers are on the boom thanks to a weak economy. Nurses by day frequently take jobs by night to provide in home care for elderly patients.
  7. Elderlaw - With an aging population that is expected to double over the next 20 years, you can bet that the legal world is preparing. According to SimpyHired.com elderlaw jobs have increased by 121% since July of 2007.
  8. Electronic Alert Devices - we're no longer limited to the infamous provider who helps those that fall and can't get back up... from GPS-enabled devices to necklaces that can be pressed in case of emergency, senior assistance is getting a big boost in remote applications that allow you to regain freedom in home care for the elderly.
  9. Senior Transportation - The National Center on Senior Transportation was formed for the express purpose of increasing senior assistance with transportation, enhancing their ability to live more independently within their communities.
  10. Big Brother - Granny cams, monitors and motion detectors that first entered the market for childcare are being revamped and repackaged for elderly in home care. And why not? Checking on mom on a screen in the kitchen is a time saver, providing longer "breaks" for you and greater independence for her.

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--Kim Thies

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