How to Convince Aging Parents to Get the Help

  • Posted on Sep. 27th, 2009

Many people worry about their aging parents. Their common question is how I convince my aging parents to get the Caring for aging parents, aging parent help, senior assistancehelp that I think they need. However, before getting an answer to this question, it is important to delve deep inside to see why you want this for your parent. Is it because you are not comfortable with the way your parents are living now? Is it because you want to ease your mind because you know indirectly it would affect your life if anything happens?

The important thing is to be honest to yourself. If your parents are okay, are not incapacitated and are capable of clear and lucid thinking, then you should not be taking upon yourself to decide what is good or bad for them. Your parents too are going through a transition. They are exploring their options even when you are not there. You can help and assist them by finding more options for them and try communicating with them so that you understand what they want or feel.

Unless your parents are at risk and need immediate attention, you should allow them to make their own decision. Just like it is not easy for you to have old parents, it is not easy for them to age and not be able to do so many things they used to do before.

There is no doubt that even today your parents will make bad decisions but this should not get you worried about how you can convince your aging parents to get the help they need. Even when you were growing up, you were making mistakes but your parents just voiced their concerns and let you learn from your mistakes. You should treat this the same way. At the same time you should make it very clear to them that you are always there if they should need you.

Remember it is not easy to relinquish your independence no matter what age you are.

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  1. On Sep. 29 2009 @ 9:45 am Mary Davis said

    You should absolutely talk to your elder and have them help make decisions if they are able. If not they are going to resent you and think that you are just butting in their lives. However; if your elderly parent is unable to help with the decision, take the time to explain to them why you decided what you did and try to make them undersand your decision process. The still may resent you, but you can always say that you did your best – which is what elder care is all about.

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  2. On Sep. 30 2009 @ 7:45 am Deborah said

    Of course we want to support our aging parents’ independence as long as possible. But what we don’t want is for a crisis to hit and find us unprepared. At seniors in transition we help boomers prepare in advance for the changes ahead.

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