Top Ten 2009 EldercareABC Posts by Mary Nix


by Mary Nix

  1. Caring for Parents While You Are Away
    Not long ago, a good friend who is caring for her parents was getting ready to cancel a long anticipated trip overseas.  She had NewYears Eve, Mary Nixbeen planning this trip for several years.

  2. Senior Assistance and Nursing Home Safety
    Nursing homes provide
    senior assistance that many aging loved ones require, but after reading Nursing home nightmare still haunting the elderly by Cathal Gallagher I was reminded of the importance of advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

  3. Thoughts on Dementia and Living Differently
    I recently listened to a CD, Thoughts
    on…Dementia/Alzheimer’s – Living Differently. The CD features 84-year-old Lorna LeBrun and her daughter Louise LeBrun as they discuss their lives.

  4. Exploring Senior Assistance Mobility Aids
    Last year my 88 year old  Dad fell  and broke his leg.   His recovery included an inflatable cast and the requirement that he put no weight on  it for six weeks. As the ER physician was telling us Dad should be able to hop up the steps once home, my mind began to ponder how we would  help Dad maneuver around with his cast once home.  We made a  list of the
    senior assistance mobility aides we owned and needed, but in retrospect, the number one resource on the list was the in-home physical therapist.

  5. The Truth About Elderly Dating
    The most commented post at EldercareABC has been about  online
    elderly dating .
  6. Elderly care from a senior's eyes
    As often as we write about the challenges of caregiving, it is certainly good to remember to walk in our loved one’s  shoes as well. This you tube video,
    Love of a Father helped me to do just that.

  7. The Truth About In Home Elderly Care
    The truth about in home elderly care is that as the boomer generation ages, the next generation is faced with the challenge of caring for them.  For families who cannot provide all the care themselves, the  challenge will include being able to find quality in home
    elderly assistance.

  8. The Facts About Senior Day Care
    Senior Day Care is a term that almost everyone is familiar with today, but I recall when the whole concept was new.

  9. Emergency Elderly Help
    Emergency situations requiring
    elderly help always shock me quickly into action.  Who doesn’t want to give elderly help to any loved one in the midst of a healthcare crisis!

  10. Finding in home elderly assistance
    My widowed aunt was living alone and as she was getting older we began to see some telltale signs that she might need some type of
    senior assistance.