Emergency Elderly Help


Emergency situations requiring elderly help always shock me quickly into action.  Who doesn't want to give elderly help to any loved one in the midst of a healthcare crisis! Emergency Help

One summer my family was visiting my aunt in Michigan when they got a call that my grandma had been climbing on a stool, had fallen and broken, not one, but both of her wrists.  We quickly returned home so they could make sure grandma had the necessary elderly help such an accident required.  All my aunts lived out of town, so my Mom offered to bring grandma into our home to provide elderly help to her while her wrists healed.  I don't know how easy it was on my Mom to provide grandma elderly help, but I loved having my grandma with us. For me, providing elderly help was a way of life that I'd always watched my parents provide the older folks in our family. In fact, they had moved from my Mom's home state out west here to Ohio years before I was born to offer elderly help to my grandfather.

As I've become a caregiver to my own parents, I  realize that observing my parents give elderly help to our loved ones growing up was a gift that helped prepare me to do the same.   I've been with both my parents during heart attacks, broken bones, cancer surgery and more and although I'm always shocked with the initial emergency, I'm appreciative of the coping and elderly help skills I learned from observing my parents.   I've also learned a few simple tricks that allow me to offer elderly help during an emergency all the easier.

Keep the following information in one easily accessible spot:

  1. Current medication list
  2. Name and contact information for all healthcare providers
  3. List of all conditions and health history
  4. Copy of living wills and power of attorney

Another simple elderly help trick is to take a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)and/or First Aid class.  Our local firemen teach these almost quarterly for a very reasonable fee.  Some caregivers are often in the midst of providing elder help and may not be able to get away to take a class and could possibly take these free CPR and First Aid classes online.

What type of elderly help tips and tricks have you found? We'd love to hear all about them in the comments below.

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--Mary Nix