Caring for Parents When You Are Away


Keeping in touchby Mary Nix

Not long ago, a good friend who is caring for her parents was getting ready to cancel a long anticipated trip overseas.  She had been planning this trip for several years. But as the time got closer for her to leave she couldn’t ignore the fact that her aging mother was becoming more forgetful.  Although her parents were in good health, there was a nagging concern that her mom needed her close. How could she possibly leave the country?

Would she remember to take her pills each day?  Would she remember to eat and take care of herself?  My friend commiserated with me daily while she struggled with her situation.

In the end, we were able to find some good in-home elderly help for her mom.  Someone that was able to come in and check in on her, just as my friend would do while she was away.  If there was an emergency, it was agreed that I could travel the considerable distance to help.  She was able to leave with a clear conscience.

My dear friend is not alone.  Whether living cross country or nearby, trying to get away can be an enormous challenge for those caring for the elderly.  Although many aging parents do not need daily live in help, many rely on calls from their children, assistance with chores, shopping and doctors visits.

Most families are busy, often working full-time and caring for their own children.  It can be difficult to spend the time that is needed to make sure that their parents are cared for.  In many cases, like my friend, these families don’t need to be there all the time, but do need to check and make sure their loved one is alright.

There seems to be a need for services where real people contact your loved one to see how they are, remind them to take their medications and offer them friendly, human contact with the outside world. Keeping in Touch Services, is one such services that acts as a daily point of contact for your aging parent.  If after three tries they can’t reach your loved one, they then contact the emergency number you have listed with them.

Those caring for the elderly know that their aging parents want to stay in their own homes as long as possible.  This type of service may be the type of help that can enable them to do just that.   It also offers respite for those working or just trying to get away for a while. An answer to stepping out with ‘peace of mind’.