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Right to the Point – Part VIII

Blog by Joy Loverde Question: My Mom is 83 and has had "mental problems" in the past. Everyone has always "walked on eggshells" with her. She is a volatile, controlling person and expects everyone to "wait on her/do for her.” That said, she has spent $40,000 in CD's including her "burial $", and run up…
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Right to the Point with Joy Loverde – Part VII

by Joy Loverde Question: I've been driving my mom’s vehicle for the past two years, and I take her wherever she needs to go. As her power of attorney (POA), since she is in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s, she will never drive again. Can I put my name on the title of the car? …
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Right to the Point II

by Joy Loverde Question: My elderly father in Florida started trading stocks 2 years ago and is seemingly addicted, having lost over half his life savings on ridiculous amounts of trading. He denies his losses and will not discuss it with anyone (including my mother). My siblings and I want to declare him incompetent to…
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