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Finding the Best Nursing Home Care after the Hospital

by  Janice Wallace Watching over your parent in the hospital is stressful.  You’re there as much as you can be while keeping all the plates in your life spinning.  When it’s time for your parent to come home it can be exciting and terrifying at the same time.  Your endless hours at the hospital are…
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Choosing Nursing Home Care Asking the Right Questions

Once you've chosen to seek nursing home care for your parent, you may feel baffled about how to proceed. This is normal because so many factors must be taken into account to choose the very best facility for your loved one. The key to choosing a nursing home is to approach the process with organization…
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Five Long Term Care Myths

Most of us would rather have a tooth pulled then talk with our parents about long term care.  Many of us are operating with misinformation about long term care and how your family might pay for it. What is Long Term Care? Long term care is helping people with daily tasks.  It's not medical care. …
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