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Perfect Balance Elusive Goal in Eldercare

by Christy Cuellar-Wentz I used to berate myself for failing to achieve a "perfectly balanced" daily rhythm while caregiving.  Keeping up with the "must do" eldercare activities was a full time job, and I rarely got to the action items on my "should do" lists.  At the end of the day, I highlighted all the…
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Taking Charge Without Taking Over

Whether you are teaching your young daughter how to knit, or helping your aging mother balance her checkbook, how do you take charge without taking over? How many times have you found yourself "showing" someone how to do something by doing it for them? It's human nature. But while it might make sense to show…
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The truth about in home eldelry care

The truth about in home elderly care is that as the boomer generation ages, the next generation is faced with the challenge of caring for them.  For families who cannot provide all the care themselves, the  challenge will include being able to find quality in home elderly assistance. The Washington Post hosted a live discussion…
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